September 29, 2006

Knitting is Cool

Did you know knitting is cool? Yeah, you probably did, because it seems like every other month or so some news outlet is doing some story about it. When I knit in public, much to Alex's embarassment, people always come up to talk to me about it. More often than not, it's a guy who wants to tell me about the awesome scarf his girlfriend knit for him. (Do these girls totally discount the Sweater Curse or what? I suppose that's why its always a scarf, not a sweater.)

Anyway, today the fact that knitting is cool made it on to NPR. No less than Tracey Ullman herself has discovered the addiction that is working with two sticks and a ball of yarn. She's even co-written a book about knitting, Knit 2 Together. The patterns don't sound like things I would actually bothering making (mohair apron anyone?), but I bet its a fun read. How can it be anything but with Tracey Ullman writing the stories?

Tracey Ullman says knitting is cool... Does this mean I'm finally one of the cool kids?

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