February 22, 2007

A Boy and His Grill

We bought a new grill this weekend. Even I had to agree that we actually needed one, and my Mom trained me well on the difference between need and want. But, in this instance, it really was need. We grill alot, and last week our grill was spouting flames in particular places and burning our food. Closer inspection revealed significant holes throughout the mechanisms. Not so good for the food, and quite frankly not so safe.

So, the boy got to buy himself a new grill. He is very pleased about this. There's something about a new grill that gets the testosterone going.
So, of course, we had to try it out. We literally stopped for Rib Eye on the way home, and he put them on the grill before I had even cut the vegetables to roast. (Meaning we'd be eating separate courses of steak and veggies, since the veggies take much longer to cut.) It was pretty, though.
We all agreed the steak's were pretty great. Even Gwen got a rare share of the spoils. The grill received her enthusiastic approval.

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scaroesq said...

what a hot grill!!! I am looking forward to some steaks next time I am in FL.