December 30, 2007

A Foray In To Wedding Photography

My cousin and his new wife were married in a civil ceremony in South America, where they met and lived up until a month ago. Yesterday they held a small church wedding here. So small that I was asked to be the photographer. Its not something I'd like to do routinely, too much pressure, but I enjoyed the role.And while I fell far short of what you'd expect from a professional, I did get some great shots under difficult circumstances.* I was apparently fairly convincing in the role, too, since one of the elders who assisted with the ceremony asked for my card afterwards. (I was very confused for a second before I realized she didn't want the business card identifying me as an attorney.) I won't show many here, not knowing how others would feel being pictured on our blog.But my sister isn't shy - and is very photogenic - so I'll show you this one.

It was a great day. The bride is a warm and funny (and beautiful) addition to the family, who clearly brings out the best in my cousin. We enjoyed celebrating with them and welcoming her in to the fold. Its probably lucky he married her before she got a good look at all of us, but she handles the chaos well.

* The priest gave me free range to take pictures during the ceremony, but no flash. The bride and groom had only limited patience with the posed pictures afterwards, and even with my flash the lighting was tough. And the reception was held in a house that forced me to run through another room to get around a wall for most every show I wanted. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the photos I obtained. And since the groom's mother assured me "at least you won't have your finger across all the photos, the way I did when I took pictures at the wedding in Chile," I'm guessing they'll be pleased, too.

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