May 10, 2008

Summer Crafting

Have you noticed the lack of crafty content around here recently? Yeah, me too. I seem to be in a bit of a crafting lull at the moment - spending a few moments on a project and then immediately wandering off. In part its the gorgeous weather and the long days, which have me playing with my plants much more than fabric or yarn. But, I can't explain why I'm not working on anything once it gets dark.

I have, however, been making progress on my take along knitting. I am a slower knitter so the progress isn't all that impressive for two months, but still it is starting to really look like the shawl it will be. I'm enjoying the rhythm of the simple pattern it makes. And the yarn is linen, so I'm really looking forward to how soft it will be when its finished, washed and dried. But, since it will likely look much like this for the next several months as it grows repeat by repeat, I'll have to hang on to the theory that slow and steady finishes the piece.

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Brit said...

It seems like it goes in waves...creativity...nothing...sewing..nothing...for me anyway