July 04, 2008

Holiday Progress

I woke up early this morning and used the extra quiet time to finish the center of the 'Wandering Flamingos' quilt. It was really nice piecing along while listening to the Declaration of Independence being performed on NPR. A lovely start to the holiday.

I'm really happy with how its coming out. Perfect for the intended recipients back porch and oh so Florida.

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All I have to do is add the border and the quilt is pieced. Easy peasy, right? But, for some reason, the border is always my least favorite part of the quilt center. I think its because my wonky seams show up more and there's less visual interest to keep my attention away from them. But, I'm going to take the plunge and get started this morning. Hopefully, I won't just let it sit for weeks if I've got things started.

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Dallas said...

That looks great. The colors remind me of Florida. :)