September 01, 2008

Dabbling in the Arts

I tend to dabble in fabric and yarn, and I've wondered sometimes if that fact will keep me an 'advanced beginner' forever. If I became a Knitter, with a capital K, would I be able to develop the skill for the patterns I envy? Or at least finish a project, any project, in under six months? Would I learn to match my points or have even stitches, if I settled on being a quilter? Does my fear of making up (or even altering) a clothing pattern stem from the fact that I only sew when I'm not quilting, knitting or embroidering?

Probably. If I found the art I couldn't put down, sheer practice would improve my results. But, the last few weeks, when I've been a bit out of sorts, my propensity for dabbling has worked out well for me.
I felt like designing, and so I designed this baby quilt. It is small and simple - a one night project really. But, when my sewing machine and my gimpy leg balked at playing nicely together, I just left it there on the table to be pieced one seam at a time. When and if I feel like it.
Wandering Flamingoes is hanging out on the quilt rack in the living room, so when Olympics watching or my mood has called for the repetitive task of stitching in the ditch there it is. Since this is intended as a Christmas gift, its probably good that real progress has been made even if only for ten minutes at a time.
And then there's my knitting - the project that I find in my hands the most. I've reached the half way point. I'm surprised by how quickly its moving along, but its been a pure pleasure. As long as I'm in the mood. When I'm not, it goes back in the knitting bag and I'm grateful it's not needed until April.
Sometimes nothing will satisfy, and then I take my cue from Gwen. I curl up to dream, to read or to plan. And I'm learning to appreciate the value in that, too.

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Crystal said...

Hm, I too have a bit of HobbyADD - and I can't seem to settle on being GREAT at anything. I'm always awed and shamed by the blogosphere - how great everyone is at everything. But then I realize that I can't compare myself to EVERYONE (what an impossible standard) and I'm actually quite happy dabbling in all my little hobbies... None of it has to be perfect to be perfectly you.