October 18, 2008

This and That

Today has been a day of small accomplishments, wrapping up things that I've 'been meaning to get to.' We ran errands this morning - returning a library book, dropping off a prescription, picking up this for the dog and that for the house. All those little things that just need to get done.

This afternoon, I caught up on crafting. I started this Christmas stocking that I plan to give to a new Mama at her baby shower in two weeks. (Mama's sorority colors are pink and green, and she uses them, wears them, decorates with them... So, of course, I went with a modern Christmas of pink and green. What else?) The cuff and lining fabric doesn't appear to live with me yet, though, so I set it aside to wait until I make a trip to the fabric store.
And since I was still in the sewing mood. I finally finished this little bunny, a project I started weeks ago. I have to admit, I found him much more difficult to make than I anticipated and the flaws are very obvious to me. So, he won't be finding a new home as I had planned. Instead, he'll hang out with me and help in the sewing room. He entertains me, imperfections and all. (Maybe I'll try that pattern again some day. And then again, maybe not. I was really annoyed with all the fiddly bits.)

And then, I hung up my favorite souvenir from Portland. I found myself lingering over these vases every time I passed their stall at the Saturday market, and so one came home with me. It now hangs in my kitchen, and my garden was even kind enough to provide the perfect flower for it. I also envision rooting herbs in it. And displaying pretty twigs of berries. Its perfect for pretty much anything.

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