February 15, 2009

Puttering My Way To Progress

With my sister's bridal shower only two weeks away, I decided it was safe to wash and block the shawl. I am thrilled with the final product, and I can already see that blocking it is going to make it sing as Amy promises.She's going to love it.
And with chores done on a rainy Sunday, what's a girl to do but play with scraps? My tumblers quilt was named today - Carnival Tumblers. After all, it was the Carnival Bloom scraps that were the inspiration and how I chose my color palette. I am counting on that color palette to tie it all together, since I spent several hours today chain piecing blocks together at random. I did pay some attention to contrast, but that's really it. Now I have a basket of two-units and single pieces to play with in putting together rows. If I'm smart, I'll do that tomorrow and go to bed now... I'm guessing I'll be tired tomorrow.


Geraldine said...

I saw your comment on another blog re: wearing a shawl. Very interesting. I'm well under 80 too and just love shawls but I admit, I feel a bit intimidated to start wearing them out on a regular basis, silly but true. I'm going to conquer my fashion fear though and go for it. I tried a wool-hemp bramble stitch shawl that I finished a while ago (but havent worn) just knotted loosely around my shoulders and it looks great.

thanks for your comments on shawls, helpful to read.


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Geraldine said...

PS: This shawl is gorgeous, forgot to mention that!Great work.