August 21, 2009

Impatient is my middle name.

Startitis: the compulsive desire to cast on new knitting projects. 

I seem to have the opposite of startitis.  My least favorite part of a knitting project is the getting started.  I hate the endless knitting of gauge swatches while I figure out which size needles I need to use.  And pointing out to myself that this is indeed knitting, the exact activity I want to be doing, doesn't seem to change that feeling.  I don't particularly like the first rows of a project either.  I don't like the fiddliness of getting it established.  What I like is the body of the knitting, after the pattern is well established and before all the finishing and weaving in of ends. 

Unfortunately, I also like to complete projects.  It takes me 9 months to finish a sweater, and quite frankly that's enough of a test of my patience.  My enthusiasm for the project definitely begins to wane if it doesn't keep changing, and if there is no end in sight.  You will not see me casting on for an afghan any time soon.  Which means that I do finish my projects and so, if I want to keep knitting, I eventually have to start new ones.

That's where I'm at today.  I've finished all my projects.  So, last week I ordered yarn to make a tank top from Knitting in the Sun and sock yarn for a purse project.  I really like having a small, portable project in addition to my primary project, so I want to get started with both.  But, both are new yarns to me and that means figuring out gauge is taking awhile.  I'm very impatient with this.  I just want to be knitting the projects now.  I'm actually tempted to just cast on for the tank, having come pretty close to gauge with my last try, and I probably would except that I don't own needles in the size I'll need for the ribbing.  Of course.  

So, I'll be starting another episode of Kyle XY and knitting swatches tonight.

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