January 17, 2010

Christmas Quilt

The quilt was finished in time for Christmas and, as predicted, the recipient loves it. It came out just as I had envisioned, and the hand work was just what I was in the mood for.

Other than the quilt, I've pretty much just been laying around. I'm growing a whole other person in my body, and I figure that's work enough. My body thinks it is whether or not I do anyway. Last night I fell asleep on the couch, while our friend was still here. I didn't wake up until after she left.

While laying on the couch isn't conducive to sewing, at least when I don't have any hand sewing to do, it is conducive to knitting. I've started a baby sweater, the Shawl Collar Sweater from The Expectant Knitter, and in a week I've finished the front. Expect knitting photos soon!

Well, not too soon, since apparently my complete laziness also extends to blogging.

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