November 04, 2010

The Three Bears Romp

On Halloween, the three bears locked up the porridge and made the rounds. It was so much fun to have our own little Baby Bear to share Halloween with, and she was fascinated by all the strange decorations and kids running around in costume. She's always interested in the bigger kids these day, and the addition of bright and playful costumes really put it over the top for her.

For me, the joy was establishing the tradition of a Mama-made costume, and that it was more about fun than fancy. I started with Simplicity pattern 5720 and tweaked things a bit to create a bear. (Her father doesn't think I quite accomplished that. He describes her costume as 'some sort of cute little animal' and spent the night saying we were 'apparently' the three bears or that we were 'supposed to be' the three bears.) Her costume was finished off by furry boots and a Halloween bib. Mama and Papa Bear were made by basting a belly patch to a brown shirt and improvising ears sewn to headbands.

So, the first of the holiday traditions has been established. Onward in to the holiday season!

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Anonymous said...

so cute! Great work Mama!