September 08, 2011

Tweet Painting

Inspired by something I saw on pinterest (dangerous place that), I made this little piece of art this afternoon. It was just a practice piece that didn't have a home when I painted it. But, when I brought it in I realised it works perfectly on the bare nail in my sewing room. Serendipity.

Obviously, I didn't use vinyl letters like the original creator. I cut out my image and glued it down with tacky glue. This technique may take some perfecting. I definitely had bleeding in a few places. I also had trouble getting the paper off after painting, and in some spots the canvas primer came off. Because I'd used an image that doesn't require precise edges, it was easy enough to do a careful touch up with white paint. If I ever do one with words, I will definitely use the vinyl letters.

Also, I love the idea of doing this with your kids. 14 months? Not so much. She was much more interested in banging on the canvas with her toy than painting anything. We'll do some together when she's a little older.

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