November 30, 2011

Tag, You're It

A partially hand made Christmas is feeling more realistic this year, and so I've been working on a few small things.

First up is this little Taggie Blankie for a sweet baby boy. I used two pieces of gorgeous fabric I've been hoarding since a quilty friend sent them to me. Fishing is the big theme in his life, and I think the turtles will add a bit of variety without straying too far. And I think this cuddly blankie was just the right project for those special fabrics.

I had planned to quilt it, but half way through the top stitching I realized that was the wrong plan. It wanted to be soft and drapey. With flannel giving it a soft weight, that was what I had, and extra stitching was just taking away from it. So, I ripped out the top stitching and used an invisible ladder stitch to close it up.

Now, I just need to wrap it up!

1 comment: said...

Oh, this blanket is so tiny! Making such a tiny hand-made has an advantage as you can make more different creations and every day can have a new project:)