June 05, 2007

More Than You Care About

I decided to come home for lunch today, something I seem to be doing more often. (I either don't take any lunch, grabbing bites when I can, or I take a long lunch and come home.) Today I decided to stop at a Middle Eastern deli that I've been eyeing on my way to and from work. It turned out to be a great little place, with what was essentially home made food. I bought little deli containers of hoummus and baba ghanoush, and what I swear are pitas they made there. So, yummy and perfect for a picnic in the yard. (They had fattoush there, too. I think I'll get that and the baba ghanoush next time. The hoummus was good, but not great. And something fresher would be good. They were out of Taboule, but that would work for the next time, too.)

And, in the grocery section, I spotted this! Bulgarian feta cheese, something we find only rarely in Orlando. (We usually get ours from Alex's parents who can buy it in south Florida.) The nice kid behind the counter told me that the French feta they have is "truly excellent", extolling it as a vintner might tell you the qualities of a fine wine. But I explained to him that only the Bulgarian feta would do. Today is Alex's birthday, and this is seriously going to beat out the not-so-exciting gift I gave him this morning. I am so gettin' brownie points for finding this!

On a completely unrelated note, but following our theme of stuff you don't really care about, I think I have found the biggest clue for when you really need to go clothes shopping. While looking for a birthday gift for Alex, I made myself go in to some clothes stores for myself. (Yes, made. I hate clothes shopping. Hate. Hate. Hate.) I found no work pants, but I did buy two tops appropriate for non-court days. I am wearing one today and every person who sticks their head in my office this morning has stopped mid-sentence to say something about it. Two I can recall were "Ooh, where did you get that shirt? It looks good on you." and "Aren't you trendy today? That's a great shirt." But everyone has said something. To the point that my assistant finally stuck her head in saying "I want to see this shirt everyone keeps talking about." This is the shirt, folks. I like the drape of it and that it is sooo soft, but I didn't expect it to cause people to interrupt themselves. I don't think that's the shirt; I think its seeing me in something that is newer and fits properly. (And isn't a suit. I have bought suits recently, and they've commented on those the same way. But a new suit tends to bring that out. This is Just A Shirt, for heaven's sake!)

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