July 05, 2007


American life moves so fast, even when you don't want it to. I'm dizzy with how quickly everything is going by. So, I'm trying to slow down and take some time for the little things. This weekend it was a boycott on obligations and a chance to finish some projects. I made a real dent and with a holiday in the middle of the week I've gotten several finished.

There was some house-stuff.

No pictures of the vermicompost I built or of the plants I re-potted/put in the ground. It was perfect, though. We are getting plenty of rain, and the plants are thriving! We'll see how the worms are doing. The rain is why I haven't gotten around to the photos, though.

But, I did get a picture of the husband stabilizing the "pantry" before it falls over and all the food breaks open on the floor. And while he did that, I modified a curtain to fit. (It was created as a shower curtain, though its never had that use.) The primary goal is to keep the sunlight off the food, but I won't turn up my nose at the fact that it means no one can see the chaos I allow to reign in there!

But, best of all there was crafty stuff. I did finally finish the picnic quilt. I really love how it turned out. I ended up with just plain ties - and more sanity for it. I also ditched the plan to embroider flip flops on the border. The quilt is so busy and bright that it needs that undisturbed cooling blue around it. Binding is still definitely my least favorite part of making a quilt, but it went a little better this time. I actually remembered to baste the layers and then I cut the binding fabric a 1/2" wider and used a bigger seam allowance, making my life much easier as I wrestled with my sewing machine. I also got out the book for a refresher on turning the corners. But, best of all, on the way home from work on Monday I was wondering whether I should tackle sewing on the binding or hang out with the husband. I found him in the office working on one of his projects - installing something or other on the computer, I think. The office is also my sewing room, so it was perfect. I enjoyed the binding much more having company while I worked on it. My hand still cramped handsewing the back side, but that would be solved by working on it for smaller periods of time. But, I wanted to have it for the 4th. And I did. I took it to the 4th of July barbecue last night and thoroughly enjoyed using it to watch the kids play in the pool during the afternoon and then admire the fireworks at night. It was a hit with the kids who liked to lay on it when they got worn out, making me a very popular girl.

I also had time to make these sweet little turtles. (They'll get embroidered faces.) I realized on Sunday night that none of the hundreds of spools of thread I had matched the turquoise for the binding. And going to the store wasn't an option right then. So, I made another turtle. And now I've made yet another. These are so much fun, and so very cute. One more and I can make the wall-hanging pictured in the book. I don't usually make projects as designed by someone else, but I may make an exception for this one. I like it and I don't quite feel like making a whole quilt out of them right now.

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OMg the turtles! I LOve them!!