February 08, 2008

Morning Quiet

The clock radio will start reading the news in a few minutes, and I've already had my first cup of coffee and read a bit more of This I Believe in the dawn light of the house. I'm not a morning person or a night owl, more of a 'a good eight hours of sleep is a minimum suggested amount' kinda girl. When I wake in the early morning, it is almost always a symptom of anxiety over some current challenge in my life. Today it appears to be simple circadian rhythms, and I've enjoyed being relaxed in the simple quiet of the morning.

My neighborhood is rarely quiet. Its a mix of retirees, professionals and college students - someone for every time of the day. We live near the railroad tracks and across the street from surprisingly busy tennis courts. The path to the local schools is right past our street, and there's a lovely playground at the top of it. Even for an urban neighborhood, we have more going on than your average residential area. I love this about where we live, but it also means I expect background noise.

Today I was up before even the retirees and the diehard tennis players are out. The trains, though they come past at 2 am, apparently do not at 6. Even the birds were slow to wake on this cloudy day. It was luxurious - soft light, quiet house, plenty of time to sip my coffee before getting ready for work. It makes me wish I was a morning person.

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