February 28, 2008


We're not going to talk about the week I've had. Suffice it to say I started off today tired, cranky and achey - thinking that I might need to leave after I finished preparing for tomorrow's hearing, so that I didn't take my bad mood out on anyone else. I left at 4:50 and considered it a great success that I managed not to behave inappropriately despite great provocation.

So, it was with some relief I remembered that Alex has an event tonight, one that he is doing me the great favor of not taking me to. I went to the repair shop to pick up my newly cleaned and tuned sewing machine, the dry cleaner who has patiently been waiting for us to pick up our clean clothes for a week, and then straight to the bathtub where I ran a hot bath. 45 uninterrupted minutes of soaking in the tub with a nice glass of wine and my book, and the headache is almost gone.

Since wine and quilting don't mix for me, I am switching to tea and then I'll have the rest of the evening to work on the baby quilt. And if it turns out I don't feel like it, I won't. Gwen has already figured out its best not to ask things of me tonight, and I have turned off my phone.

Peace, at last.

ETA: One block. I have a night free to quilt and I make one block.

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Melissa Goodsell said...

There is nothing nicer than a relaxing warm bath...the worst part is having to get out at the end though.
Thankyou for the super lovely comment that you left on my blog, that was so sweet of you and I'm sure your card was beautiful!!