April 01, 2008


We won't discuss how many years - or tears - it took to finish this. Instead, we'll bask in the glory of it being finished. And just in time for delivery to its patient owner, who visited for a few short days over Easter. Yes, it took me that long to post about it. I can't get the colors right, but I've now given up. The heck with it. Just know the purple is only slightly variegated, not tie dye, and actually looks, well, purple.

Ironically, the binding, always my least favorite part of a quilt, went on without a hitch. Go figure. It might have something to do with researching better methods of applying the binding, but given that absolutely nothing else about this quilt was easy I'm still amazed.

I'm just so glad that its done, that S. is happy with it, and that I never have to do another T-shirt quilt again as long as I live.

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Brit said...

Hurray for finished quilts and I'm about to start a t-shirt one today..may the force be with me