March 31, 2008

The Lure of a Skirt

I came upstairs ten minutes ago (9:30) telling Alex I was going to move the laundry to the dryer and then go to bed with my book. After all, I've been yawning on the couch since 8:30. Only, I remembered I had handwashing in our tub and I needed to move it in to the drying rack in the guest shower. The guest room, when the airmattress and foam are packed away, is my workroom. (It used to be the office. Now, however, Alex wanders in here to use the desktop or find something, but ends up running away in fear that the mess of fabrics, yarn, pins, thread and the like are going to gang up on him. It has definitely become my room.)

And there, lying on the end of the ironing board, was the skirt I was finishing yesterday. The only thing left to do was hem the lining. I had just finished the exterior hem when Alex came home from work yesterday and I thought if you have to work on Sunday you should at least be able to expect your wife to step away from the sewing machine and have dinner with you. So, there it was just a few minutes from completion. I couldn't resist and decided I'd just iron the hem up so it would be a quick run through the machine tomorrow. And, of course, since it was already folded and its just the lining... Well, lets just say I'm already debating if I can wear it tomorrow.

Its a simple A-line out of a nice fabric, perfectly appropriate for the office and the kid meeting I have scheduled. But, there is the possibility of an adult meeting and I should probably wear a suit for that...

Photos to follow - when I convince Alex to take some or myself to get out the tripod.

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