August 07, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, part II

This morning, I reached my limit with the "stuff" stored all over my sewing room until we deal with the home projects that you never seem to want to do. So, I decided I'd deal with the cleaning out and taping up this slowly disintegrating closet section. My hands still smell like bleach, but by 10:00 I was able to put away the Christmas boxes.

As these things tend to go, getting one space cleared out led me to realize how cluttered another was. A drawer opened to put something away resulted in cleaning out most of the desk drawers. We all know how it goes, and before I knew it had I spent most of the day cleaning.

And then I remembered this was supposed to be my vacation. Besides, my sewing room looks really inviting all cleaned up. So, I stopped and starting working on this.

JoAnn's has the holiday fabrics out again, so I was finally able to buy a border fabric for Boo-tiful. Realizing that they carried a flannel of the same print sealed the deal. A quick 2 1/2" border and then an envelope construction with the flannel backing, no batting, and I have a great lightweight quilt for Gwen and I to use in October. I haven't decided what quilting or tying I'll be doing on it yet, but I won't spend much time on it. The white fabric I used for the ghosts pretty much guarantees this quilt won't be around for long. But, we'll enjoy it while its around.

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