August 22, 2008

Wind blown and Wet

After merely side-swiping us earlier in the week, Tropical Storm Fay has come back for a second try and she managed to cause us more trouble this time. She took her time about it, too, sitting on top of us with days of heavy rain and swirling wind. Even the frogs asked to come in out of the storm.

Moments from a Tropical Storm
  • Driving across the lake on my commute home, the wind blows the spray in to the road and for a several moments my windshield is entirely gray.
  • With the power out, realizing how very quiet and dark the house is. And just how much noise and light is created by our appliances most nights.
  • Mopping buckets of water and laying out towels where the wind is pushing rain past the sliding glass doors and in the dining room window.
  • A city employee sheds his rain coat before returning to his efforts to pull a limb out of the street, not because its stopped raining but because he's already so wet it no longer matters.
  • Absorbing the feel of my husband's skin and gentle breathing while the rain pounds on the roof.
  • Standing at the back door fascinated by the dance of the trees in the whirling wind.
  • Knitting, or attempting to, by the light of a flashlight.
  • Deciding to take the compost and garbage out in the rain, because, really, how long can I wait?
  • Venturing out in the rain and finding a full rain barrel and a very wind-blown yard.

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Anonymous said...

Good grief! I'd consider it a personal favor for you to update as much as possible through all tropical storms!! It's nice to know you are all rigth