January 20, 2009

To Remember

I want to remember today.  I want to remember:
  • taking off 3 hours in the middle of a work day simply to witness;
  • my respect for George W. Bush, whatever my disagreements with his administration, as I saw the honest smile reaching his eyes as the history of the civil rights movement is invoked in recognizing this moment;
  • Obama visibly straightening his shoulders during the invocation;
  • Malia taking a picture of her Dad as he gives his first speech as President;
  • the humor of the oath being taken a few minutes after noon, despite all the warnings that it had to be taken before noon, and of the Chief Justice and Obama having to correct a line Roberts got wrong;
  • Tuskegee Airmen and other veterans of a segregated military witnessing the first African American commander in chief take office;
  • watching it again in the evening, and tearing up again.
I watched, and I believed.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cry every with every new post I read, every radio clipping I hear....\

And I love the inspiration and excitement I hear in every newscaster's voice..crazy