April 17, 2009

Paying the Piper

Our taxes went in to the mail April 15th.  Tax day itself.  We have never pushed it so late before.

Sabine's quilt (above) was given to her on her birthday, and her mom loved it.  (Sabine, being one, was more interested in the balloons than any of her gifts.)  It was then promptly returned to me, at my request, so that I could quilt all of the flowers and not just the yellow ones.  That marked the first time I gave an unfinished gift.  I'm still trying to finish it for her.

Saturday will be the second, and I'm taking it to all new heights.  My friend will be receiving balls of yarn and about four inches of a Baby Surprise Sweater at her baby shower.  It would have been a little more, but last night I realized I had to pull out two inches because I failed to increase at the proper time.  Since she doesn't knit, I may buy her a gift for Saturday and then give her the sweater when its, you know, actually a sweater.

We're not going to discuss work and the deadlines looming there.  Or the ones I have already missed.

I think its safe to say that I got a wee bit behind schedule with this busy spring.  But, I am slowly digging myself out, one deadline at a time.

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Carrie said...

my taxes were efiled about 7pm on April 15th so you weren't alone