April 01, 2009

Well, hello there

Where have I been?  

On conference calls, in court, on the computer, at the Capitol lobbying, in meetings - nose to the grindstone buried in work.

At the sewing machine, on the phone, at the store, in the yard potting plants, at the garden weeding - hands filled with wedding preparations. 

At a restaurant with my husband , out with a friend, on the computer sending an email - keeping in touch with what's important.

This month does not lend itself to a coherent narrative, but its been crazy-making, fun, a hassle and glorious all at once.  It has also very much been fueled by good quality coffee.  As luck would have it, Alex decided to buy an espresso machine this month.  And to make me cappuccino every morning.  I knew there was a reason I married that man.  He even bought the cutest sets of  cups in primary colors.  I never would have predicted it.

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