February 26, 2010

Baby's Quilt

My first 'improvisational' quilt seems to be just about done, and I think it might just be for the baby. Bright colors, lots of patterns, birds - looks like baby doesn't it?

The three little bird patches in the brown stripe will be rough edge appliqued, which will add some texture for little fingers. I think it needs a brown border, though. I've pretty much settled on that. And I'm toying with the idea of rough edge appliqueing little patches on the brown border too. Just enough to add the extra texture and some visual interest, but still leave some space for the eye to rest. This quilt is definitely at risk of getting too busy.

This quilt may have stalled for awhile, but its definitely taking a life of its own now. Here's hoping I have time and energy to finish it up this weekend.


Anonymous said...

lovely....so boy then ;)

Rene' said...

Great improv quilt! I love the birds. Baby is going to love it!