March 22, 2010

New Quilt, New Friends, New Furniture

I've always been a solitary quilter, but I love the history of quilting as a community event, a chance for women to bond over fabric and thread. And now I'm creating my place in that great history. Saturday was National Quilting Day, and it was also the first sewing day for the Orlando Modern Quilt guild. Have sewing machine, will travel. I packed up my gear and spent a wonderful day quilting and making new friends. And with their advice, I finished up the baby's quilt and resisted the urge to add more raw edge applique. Its good to have others around to help you stop when its done. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect backing.

And this is what happens when you order couches from Ikea. Consider yourself warned. But, my wonderful husband and brother-in-law put them together with no swearing and a minimum of grumbling. They look great (that's the love seat under the quilt in the first photo) and we're so relieved to have finally found couches we both love. They're perfect for napping, too.

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Rene' said...

Cara, I really enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. What a fun day spent sewing. Your baby quilt is gorgeous! Good luck on finding the perfect backing. So glad your furniture was delivered and is now all ready for napping. Get your rest while you can ;-)