May 05, 2010


When we were growing up, my mother would often tell my sister and I that the only person you get for your whole life is your sister. It was important to her that we have a close relationship, despite a six year age difference and natural sibling rivalry. Her ploy
worked. There is no relationship in my life quite like the one I have with my sister.
So, this week was incredibly special. She had one week between semesters in graduate school, and she came to spend it helping me re-arrange the house and set up the nursery. I took the first half of the week off, giving us five full days to focus on all things baby. Most of the time it was just the two of us, and it was a great chance to be together and share the excitement.
And we did a great job, if I do say so myself.But, best of all, I got to share this incredibly exciting time with my sister. She listened to the baby's heartbeat, felt her kicks and swore she could see my belly grow before her very eyes.


Anonymous said...

Love it! we had the same green ikea leafy!

Michele said...

Could you look more cute? All belly! The nursery is adorable. You're going to have one happy baby. I'm so glad your sis could help.