October 27, 2006

Halloween Fright

With everything else going on, I haven't much gotten in to the Halloween spirit this year. I did put up most of my decorations, and I've enjoyed having them. (Though, this guy makes me think what I did wasn't actually decorating. Maybe I just put out a trinket or two.) That's about it, though. I'm hoping that tomorrow's costume assembly and the party we've been invited to on Halloween night will perk up the holiday. The party is a kid's party, but Alex was so intrigued by it that we got an invite anyway. I'm pretty happy about that, since a full blown kid's Halloween party will be the best way to celebrate anyway.

I did feel Halloween-y enough at Target last night to want some candy corn. The only problem is I don't really like the stuff. Not wanting to waste a big bag I went in search of the littlest bag I could find, and that turned out to be these "gourmet" candy corns. I decided to try the sour apple. Do. Not. Buy. These. They can not be meant for human consumption. I am not sure when I have tried anything more disgusting. Consider yourself warned.

Oh, and just in case you had any doubts, a high in the mid 80s isn't warm enough for Gwen either. (This time she's on her own, though.)

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