October 24, 2006

How did we live in D.C.?

You know; we used to live in D.C. Where there was a real winter. With snow. We lived there for three years, and we managed just fine. I went to school, grocery shopping, out with friends, and even for walks just to stretch my legs. Gwen was a little less convinced of the need to go out for longer than it took to empty her bladder. (And she wasn't always entirely convinced that was necessary, to be frank about it.) But, she managed it. I have the pictures of her in the snow to prove it.

We have apparently turned in to wimps. Today was a beautiful Fall day by anybody else's standard. It was in the 50s when we woke up, but it got up to almost 70 during the day. But, us? We were cold. Gwen wouldn't go any further than the grass in front of the house next door this morning. She did go for her evening walk - desperation counts apparently - but it was like she was in fast forward her little legs went so fast.

And I must say I was relieved. I was out at a meeting until 8:30 tonight, and I scurried to my car afterwards. It must have been 60 degrees. And I was wearing a sweater and leather jacket. But, I most definitely didn't want to linger outside.

We are such wimps. When did this happen?

P.S. - Alex has apparently broken ranks on this issue. He did need to close the sliding glass door this morning, but I haven't heard anything else about being cold out of him. We may have to disown him.

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jeneflower said...

Thanks for your comment on my adoption blog!

I was interested in this post because we live in D.C. and I am a wimp anyway, but I know I would be a bigger one if I moved to Florida. I don't like the cold!