October 30, 2006

Look! I knit a sweater!

Look! On Saturday it was finally cool enough to wear the sweater I worked on in four different countries. (The USA, of course, on Meg's graduation trip to the Dominican Republic, in Bulgaria, and in the German airport on the way to and from Bulgaria. Yes, I'm counting the layovers in Germany. It's more fun that way.) I lost count of how many states this thing traveled to. An efficient knitter I am not. But, look! Pretty!

It's definitely a "first" sweater. I had to whip stitch, rather than kitchener stitch, the sides together. The number of rows front to back is apparently not even close. (The distance is, though.) And somehow, despite row markers and careful counting, my pocket is off to the right. Go figure. But, I figured out a secret too. Synthetic may suck because you can't block, but you can WASH and DRY it with your other 'delicates.' That softens everything up and evens out your stitches a bit. It looked even more wonky before I did that.

It will never be perfect, but wearing it was so much fun. So. Much. Fun. I've worked on this thing for years, and then finished it in the heat of summer. (Trust me, in Florida, there is no point during the summer that you can wear this. Not even in the air conditioning. Well, maybe in the movie theatre since I always freeze in there, but we haven't gotten to the movies in months. And months.) I will be wearing it pleny, uneven stitches and all. It's purple. And it has a pocket. And a hood...And did I mention that I made it. Posted by Picasa

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