April 20, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday - La La La

It has been a lousy week, for obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons. Nothing terrible has happened to me, but it's just been lots of problems, frustrations and general ugh. And it wasn't just me. On Tuesday morning my department decided it would be best to just scrap this week and try again. And it was only Tuesday morning. So, while not particularly upset or distressed this week, I've been moody and cranky. (And I'm sure I've been a joy to live with as a result.)

For some reason I can't quite figure out, my mood lifted yesterday afternoon. It had something to do with getting away from administrative and supervisory headaches to give a training that one of my favorite clients was helping with, getting home early enough to re-pot the plants in the soil I bought almost a week ago, and in doing so being out in a perfect Florida Spring day for an hour or two. I found a baby bell pepper on the plant that has been blooming but not producing for-ever and my plants in general are pretty happy to see Spring come. OH, and I decided no more news. Enough is enough, and even NPR can barely talk about anything but the tragedy in Virginia. My heart aches for them, but listening to endless interviews and depressing myself is not going to help anyone. It's been nothing but Mix 105.1 since yesterday afternoon.

So, when Alex got home I happily took him up on his suggestion that we go out to eat. We went to Park Avenue (where else?) and had a great dinner while we watched the people wandering by. Then we moved down one restaraunt to hang out with the local stool pigeons and continue the people watching. And I ate most of an obscenely huge brownie with ice cream. And chocolate sauce. What a sugar high! When the conversation turned to work and meetings with ex-spouses, we left. (Smart, right? Our Mama's didn't raise no dummies.)

But, it gets better. When we got home, the neighbor was having what sounded to be a great party. So, my shy and retiring husband (ha!) sticks his head over the garden wall, says 'hi' and then ' we were just wondering why you're having such a great party and we weren't invited?' Yes, I'm serious. I may not have remembered verbatim, but that's pretty darn close to a quote! So, we were invited over. Luckily, the neighbor seemed to genuinely want us there, even though he was all but forced in to the invitation.

For the next few hours, we talked, laughed, and produced music. Alex and one of our neighbor's friends played the guitar beautifully. The rest of us sang along. Poorly. I got to know our neighbor, since I'd never said more than 'hi, how ya doing?' (Alex had an opportunity to hang out in the yard with him one night, but I was out of town for work.) And I liked him. Which means we are now friends with the immediate neighbors on our right, our left, and behind us. How cool is that? It was great.

But, I thought today was going to be tough because it was almost 1:00 before I went to bed. (Way late for me.) I did feel a little achy and sleepy when I woke up, but after some stretching and a cup of coffee I perked right up. (And I swear I only had a cup and a half.) It's Friday, so I'm wearing jeans, a linen shirt and slip ons. I have no hearings or meetings, and noone has brought me anything nasty to deal with. I'm slowly chipping away at work that's been hanging around forever and I'm actually taking a lunch hour (right now, in fact). It's Friday. And I am in a great mood. My legal assistant is actually laughing at me whenever I walk by, because I'm bouncing along cheerfully.

What a great way to start the weekend. And there's the distinct possibility of lots more guitar music in my future. Alex has decided he should learn more songs, since this is twice in a week that he's had his guitar out to play for friends. I love, love, love to hear him play, so I'm pretty happy about that.

I hope you are having a great Friday, and if not I am sending some of these fairy sparkles your way!

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