April 17, 2007

Recovering from a Rainy Sunday

What do you do when its the middle of the day on Sunday, but your front yard looks like this?

And your backyard looks like this?

You knit, of course. This Sunday I turned on Garrison Keillor and broke out the hidden motif scarf I'm making progress on. It was a great way to spend a day - warm coffee, yarn, entertaining stories and the sound of rain on the roof. And wind chimes in the yard - it was really windy. Even the sound of the rain couldn't drown out the chimes.

Can you see the hidden motif? An alien? It's really hard to get a picture of it by yourself, but I love watching the alien form as a I knit and purl my way along the pattern's chart. It's addictive.

But, what else is a rainy day for? A three and a half hour nap, of course. (What? You don't call over three hours of sleep a nap?) And then I went shopping for soup ingredients.
Mmmh. Soup. It was good.

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