April 06, 2007


Today is a good day. We had a cold front last night, and while I can feel it to my bones (literally) it's awfully nice to take a step back from the early summer and actually have a few days of spring this year. The air feels fresh and just barely crisp, and I went around opening all the windows this morning. As a special bonus, the rain that accompanied the front seems to have washed the pollen down to reasonable levels. I can actually breathe through my nose. Well, half my nose, but I'll take it.

And the office is closed today, so I didn't get up until 8:30 and I'm still lingering over my coffee. I have some work to do, but I can stay in my pajamas all day if I want. Not that I actually plan to do so; it's just nice to know I can. This luxury is topped off by the fact that I only plan to do work today because I took off Monday, and I know that I'll have a fully relaxed truly three day weekend if I knock a few things off my to do list now. And since I'm going to work from home, I'll also get laundry and picking up done in between. I love it.

I feel good, and I actually feel motivated to take care of the work so I can be done. If I do that this morning, I think I'll go to the yarn store this afternoon. I just bought the Cece pattern from Chic Knits, and I'm excited to get started.

Happy Easter to me!

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