January 21, 2008

Introducing Pippen

It's 1:30 in the morning, and I've been in bed, awake for over two hours. I've listened to two disks of Harry Potter and the rhythmic snores of the man and the dog. Thankfully, tomorrow's a holiday, and I've decided just to cry "uncle" and give it up for now. I'll go back to bed when I feel sleepy and just grumble at Alex when he tries to wake me at an hour that I would normally consider decent.
Instead, I'll introduce you to Pippen. My Mom has patiently been awaiting her chance for a lap dog, and Friday he came to live with them. We think he's about five or six months old. He's a Whippet who apparently got lost and found a family that already had its quota of dogs. They found Mom, and Mom and Pippen were clearly a match made in heaven.
Like her, he loves the garden and is fascinated by plants. We have already begun negotiations over the definition of stick and plant. He doesn't, however, have any interest in actual chew toys or bones. Nothing I did to demonstrate the joy that is a rope inspired any curiosity whatsoever in him, though he was fascinated with the camera. I had to use the telephoto lens to get good pictures of them, because otherwise all I could get was a snuffling nose.He was quite inquisitive all around, in fact. He was very interested in anything we were doing and assumed anything we had must be great fun. Pippen, like Gwen, is definitely a people's dog. While he liked having the other dogs around and found them interesting, it was most important to him that the people be close by, Mom in particular. He needed no time at all to bond to her. Then again, while clearly favoring her, he didn't exactly have a hard time getting comfortable with the rest of us, either.It was busy few days for a little pup, and he was happy to take a soft lap wherever he found it. He obviously knows a sucker when he sees one.

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I think Pippen needs to meet Finnegan!