November 01, 2008

Counting Down

I was startled to realize I had 32 new messages in my in box today.  It turns out 18 were about the election.  (One was a reminder from my husband - who knows that I have already voted - that early voting ends today.  We won't speculate on what the message behind that one was.)  I can only hope this flurry of activity in my in box is a reflection of the activity at the polls.  That it means America is truly mobilized and energized.  And that we will have a voter turn out that doesn't cause Europeans to shake their heads in bafflement.  

I've read several articles this week about voters who chose not to vote early, because they were so concerned that it was a scam and their votes wouldn't be counted.  Other articles concerned about roadblocks or rumors that legal immigrants would somehow be targeted.  None of the theories fit at all with what I experienced at the polls or anything I've ever seen.  They seemed to speak more of a distrust of our electoral system, and I find that incredibly sad.

I haven't exactly been discreet in my political views here or in 'real life.'  But, whoever you plan to vote for, I hope you will go vote.  Lets prove this is our vote.  As I saw written on a car window last week (in Spanish, actually), "If you don't vote, you don't count."

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