October 03, 2007

Baby Steps

The backing for the T-Shirt quilt is ready. Last night I ironed, cut and pieced. But, it wouldn't be the T-Shirt quilt if I didn't have at least one issue. One long seam is all I needed to piece it, but the bobbin ran out a third of the way in. And the top thread held in the fabric anyway, so I couldn't tell I wasn't actually sewing anything until I got to the end. Weird, no? But, re-doing one seam, particularly when it doesn't involve my seam ripper, isn't that big a deal.

But, that little snafu aside, the two pieces of the quilt are now ready to be sandwiched with batting. I think I need to do some research on that, since I always really struggle with wrinkles. I read somewhere that you should use masking tape to secure the backing down and then smooth batting and the top on to it, only I can't figure out how you baste it once you do that.

So, progress is made. Baby steps.

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zoot said...

Can I admit that some of this terminology sounded like a foreign language? I obviously know nothing about quilting.