October 26, 2007

Pansy Purse

My Pansy Purse - made from the pleated purse pattern in bend-the-rules sewing by Amy Karol. I didn't follow her embroidery pattern exactly, and I added a magnetic snap. But, other than that it's exactly her pattern.

It's definitely bigger than I usually carry, but perfect for our trip to Bulgaria. I need a bag big enough to carry my knitting, the camera and all the other odds and ends that I keep with me at all times there. Plus, I'll enjoy having such a cheerful bag with me. I mean, just look at the embroidery detail.But, now that I've shown you what I'll be carrying in Bulgaria, perhaps I should go pack for the trip, hmm? I mean, we leave tomorrow and the trip is three weeks. I might need something more than a cute bag to take with me.

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