October 01, 2007


I seem to work in flurries of productivity these days. This weekend I finally finished the top of my dread enemy - the T-shirt quilt. Even the final borders were painful, and one row absolutely refused to line up. But, the piecing is done. I plan to find the little patches I saved that were too small to be squares and applique them on the crooked corners... and you'll never be able to tell. (I am assuming I will eventually find the darn things.)

S - if there was ever any question of my love for you, the fact that I persevered and will be presenting you with a completed quilt is proof enough. However, I have decided that I get a break before piecing the backing. (Truth be known, it's the ironing of it that I am putting off.)

Tonight, I sat down on the couch only to realize that I wanted to sew. I haven't felt a strong urge to sew in weeks, so I hopped up to indulge it. One I Pod (Nano) pouch coming up.

And, with that done, I still felt like sewing. My not-so-scary quilt has taken form, and I am really pleased with it. (The colors blend better in real life than shows up in this poorly lit photo.)

I've decided to add a fourth row to the bottom. (Or maybe to the top. We'll see which balances better.) The squares are 11" by 11", so right now the quilt is 33" square. I figure a 3" border will work well, but that's still 39" square. I want to be able to use my quilts on my couch, and I figure a little extra length will make that more comfortable. Especially since Gwen always makes me share.

And when I put the quilts and blankets away, she climbs in the basket with them.

(And then flees when I try to take a picture under terrible lighting conditions that causes the camera to flash and sputter. We'll catch her at it again and get a better shot - it's her new favorite place to sleep.)

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