October 03, 2007


From baby steps to leaping bounds - the Halloween quilt has been a dream. The top is pretty much pieced. I do think I want a border, but I have to buy some fabric for that. Darn.

I've named it Boo-tiful. This naming quilts is new to me, but I kind of like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi-- saw your comment on Yarn Harlot's blog. I'm in Los Angeles, so I feel your pain about the unsuitability of wool to the climate. I don't like to knit with cotton. I like silk, but it's scary-expensive, and I find it clammy in the heat. That leaves linen and rayon. No one talks about rayon as a desirable hot weather fiber, but I think it's the best.

Marina Stern

Anonymous said...

I love it! you are hilarious!