March 14, 2008

Dispatch from N'awlins

Yesterday morning I woke up at an hour usually reserved for farmers and hospitality workers.  Not having many of either in our neighborhood, it was eerily quiet and I startled myself with the noise I made closing the trunk.  Several hours later, I landed in New Orleans.

My training didn't start until the afternoon, so I had time to roam the city and remember the magic it holds once again.  Its been said so often it borders on cliche - but N'awlins is truly a magical place.  I am armed with my person guide book - a list of 'must see' places, which is actually more like a ' places you must eat at' list come to think of it, from a new colleague who is from New Orleans.  Yesterday, though, I just roamed and soaked it in.

Of course, my hotel room overlooks Bourbon street, so while I'm definitely getting a breather from normal life and the office, I'm not getting much in the way of actual sleep.  Even a stomach full of Crawfish Etoufee and a benadryl can't compete with screaming people and police sirens right outside your window.  This is definitely a place for night owls, or at least those on vacation.  On the other hand, there's enough great coffee in this city to keep me fully caffeinated and awake for months.  

My exchange with the concierge this morning:
Where would I go for a good cup of coffee?
Do you want Starbucks?
Really?  I was figurin' in New Orleans I could do than that.
There's a girl.  (Enthusiastically reaching out to shake my hand.)  
What you wanna do is...

Lordy was he right.  I have a great cup of Cafe au Lait that will keep me perky through the morning, no doubt.  Just smelling it is heavenly.

Today - Magazine Street and directions to one of the places on my personal guidebook.

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