March 07, 2008

The T-Shirt Quilt - Another Baby Step Accomplished

Remember the T-Shirt Quilt? My nemesis who brought me to my knees on multiple occasions? I finished the quilting last night, with no tears and only a minimum of blood.* I think that's the first step of this whole thing that hasn't been absolutely impossible. Next up - the binding. I'm almost afraid to start it. This is often my least favorite part of making a quilt, and this quilt is bound to be miserable... You know - I have lots of extra backing on each side. Just how bad is it to fold that over rather than do a proper binding? Will it really fall apart before I can turn around?

S - I might actually get this monster to you in under two years. And it really does look cool. I was quilting the last block last night, and remembering when you ran that race. It made me nostalgic.

*I did, however, learn that I will not be making any quilts that use serious interfacing in the future. At least not if I'm going to have to sew through them by hand. It was tough sewing.

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