March 10, 2008

Surprise Success

Tonight I made a big pot of what appeared to be an odd flavor of baby food.  Sweet potato orange with green highlights and white and green chunks.  Very appetizing, no?  It was a Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese soup, which leapt off the pages at me while browsing my Soups cookbook this weekend and insisted I find out just what this was about.  I mean, really?  It was mostly morbid curiosity that had me gathering the ingredients and trying out the recipe.

But, holy cow, was it good.  It was rich and savory, the perfect starter to dinner on a chilly night.  (And far too reach for me to eat an entire meal of it.)  A few minutes ago, I was putting away the now-cooled soup, half for the freezer and half for the fridge, when I licked the spoon.  I had to have just one more small bowl before closing the kitchen for the night.  I also took out a small portion and packaged it for tomorrow's lunch with a good hearty bread. 

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Melissa Goodsell said...

LOL Your post made me giggle - I'm so glad it turned out to be yummy.