May 27, 2007

The Argument

This quilt and I have had quite the row this weekend. Over this binding, specifically. The quilt was all but done, nothing but the binding left to do at the beginning of the weekend. Easy money, right? Wrong! The first time I put the binding on, the entire sandwich wasn't caught for about half the quilt. Flannel likes to slip, and slip it did. So, I had to break out the seam ripper, and it was no easier getting that long seam out than getting it in. Once I did that, I had to fight the darn thing through my sewing machine again. Because, though flannel likes to slip, three layers of flannel does not like to go through my machine. And, after all that, I still had to hand sew down the back of the binding. My left hand is one giant cramp from holding it down and my right fingers are very sore. (It might be time to learn how to use a thimble.) But, I prevailed and the quilt is bound.

This quilt is a gift and, despite still being mad at it, I am really pleased with how it came out. The only thing is, the whole idea of a flannel quilt is to wash it when it's done. It gives it a lovely, warm, lived in look. But, its very hard to put it in the washer when you've spent at least two years (don't ask) and tons of frustrated muttering on a quilt. When you know some of your seams are really crappy and that flannel likes to fray, and you've just spent two days on the friggin' binding for chrissake. Only, its partially white flannel, and it needs to be washed. It'll certainly need to be washed in the future. You'd sure rather it was messed up when you washed it than the recipient. So...

It's in the washer. On delicate. I'm holding my breath. And reminding myself over and over again of my contingency plan of appliqued leaves to cover any places that it just won't hold together. If it does hold together, it will be given to its recipient tomorrow. And you'll get to see a picture. If it doesn't...well it'll be a few more weeks before you see any more of it.
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