May 11, 2007

Heaven Help Them

I am a danger to myself and others.

My boss is out the second half of this week, and I'm supposed to be holding down the fort. This morning the radio alarm had been on for a full hour before Alex reached over and shook me awake. I hadn't snoozed it; I simply hadn't heard it, for no apparent reason. By that time, I was supposed to be pretty much out the door. So I jumped up, got ready and ran out to be only a little late for work. No coffee. Which was probably the big mistake.

I got to work and realized I don't have my purse. Or the camera that I was supposed to bring because we need it today. So, I go back home to get them.

On the way back to the office, I decide the crowds will have died down, and I should stop for a bagel and coffee. I've taken a pain pill, and I really shouldn't do that on an empty stomach. At this point, I'm so late starting my day that it really doesn't matter. I safely get my breakfast, merge back in to traffic and almost make it back to the office. And then I spill coffee all down my front. I'm definitely not going back home, so here I am - sitting at my desk with large brown stains on my white (naturally) shirt.

My assistant hands me an urgent message slip, and I get up to check with one of the other attorneys about it. In the hall, I meet someone else I supervise and give him some paperwork and directions I've been holding until I see him. In the three minutes or so that I am doing that, I lay down the message slip and lose it. I can not find it. Anywhere. I even check the trash.

Luckily, I remember the name, but then I can't find that persons contact information in our database. I am starting to get really worried when I suddenly realize that the message slip was from one of those message books. So, there's a carbon copy of the message sitting on my assistants desk. Duh.

And, I'm supposed to be holding down the fort and handling all emergencies. Ha!

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