May 15, 2007

Sock Woes

How quickly love fades. The sock is no longer soothing or fortifying. I kept looking at it after taking that photo yesterday and thinking that it just doesn't look right. The proportions are wrong somehow. But, I held the completed sock up to this sock to check the ribbing when I finished, and it was right on. And then I carefully turned the heel, ripping it halfway back once when I ended up with the wrong number of stitches. What could be wrong?

But, something was. I decided I better figure out what was going on before I worked anymore. So, I sat down with both socks and the pattern... I found the problem. I'm an idiot who can't read directions. Go figure. Yeah, so, it turns out I forgot to work the 1 1/2 inches of plain stockinette after the ribbing. Before the heel. Let that sink in a minute. The mistake was all the way back before the heel. That means that last night I ripped back all those rounds of stockinette on the arch and the heel. The heel it took me two tries to get right in the first place. What the heck? I didn't have all this trouble on the first sock. Did I get too cocky? Was that it? I'm no longer afraid of knitting socks and so its teaching me a lesson?

Whatever the answers to those questions, I now have a barely started sock rather than an almost completed one. 2 1/2 inches of ribbing and the two rounds of stockinette I've gotten done so far... No heel. No discernable progress. I'm basically knitting this sock twice. Sigh. It's so depressing I couldn't even stand to take a picture of it to show you. But, I'm still carrying it around with me, so it's not yet consigned to the UFOs bag. It is an easily portable way of killing time while sitting around.

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