May 22, 2007

A Good Ole Fashioned Butt Kickin'

I had a dream, bordering on a nightmare, about work last night. And after waking up from it? Two full hours before I could get back to sleep. Two. Full. Hours. I turned on Harry Potter; I counted backwards from 100 - repeatedly. Yeah. When that happens, I'm letting my anxiety build up too much. And there really wasn't anything to stress over, other than sheer volume.

So, today I made myself go to the YMCA. No excuses, though I offered up plenty to myself, I was going to the Y and taking the water fitness class. I've been wanting to try it, and I needed a class so that I couldn't wimp out after 20 minutes and decide I was just too tired. So, Deep End Water Fitness class it was. Me, one lady who was probably in her late 40s/early 50s and a bunch of older ladies. They kicked my butt. They did these exercises effortlessly, heads above water and carrying on conversations the whole time. Me? I bobbed around trying to keep my head up and figure out what I was doing. And yes, I did wear the buoyancy belt. Though, in my defense, it refused to stay around my waist and kept sliding up to my armpits. So, it wasn't much help keeping my mouth out of the water. That said - I still know those ladies showed me up. And badly.

I really enjoyed it, though. It was a great work out with no joint impact. And I could feel the muscles just stretching out as I went. I will be going back. And before I do, I order a buoyancy belt that will fit.

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