June 29, 2008

Owl Post

Look who came to live with me!
It's Murray the Owl. He came all the way from Washington to live with me. I was worried the relentless heat of Florida might be a bit much for him, but he says he's so well insulated that it doesn't matter to him whether its hot or cold. Besides, what is most important is the humidity to keep his feather's shiny and that we certainly have.

And he brought me happy post from the wonderful Britt. He arrived bearing these gifts just as I was leaving for the hospital yesterday, and it sure lifted my heart.

This morning Murray and I spent some time admiring what she sent - cheerful turtle fabric and a French Vanilla chocolate bar. (She enclosed a note that she would have sent Turtle Beer, but it might have gotten Murray in trouble with the postal service. That's okay with me; turtle fabric and chocolate are even better.) I was worried I might have to share the chocolate bar, but Murray says I can have it all. He really prefers voles anyway. But, he does want to help me design the projects for these fabrics. After hearing his ideas this morning, I'm sure it'll be a great collaboration and he's a very enthusiastic design partner.

Murray is a bit homesick for his friend, Sarah the Snail, though. (I wonder if she'd mind the nickname Sally the Snail, because I keep wanting to call her that.) I told him I'd put the word out that she's still looking for an adoptive home. You should go take a look. Britt's friends make great companions... And inspire a bit of silliness on a Sunday morning.

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Brit said...

HEE! Glad Murray made it feathers unruffled, and it's funny you should say Sally, Sarah was my mother in laws' mother's name but everyone called her Sally....so those names are interchangeable in Stitch land...just another thing that makes me sure we are kindred spirits.