June 05, 2008

Wandering Flamingos

This is the very beginning of the new quilt I keep hinting at. It's actually a kit, and while that's not my normal style the wonderful fabrics seduced me. The ladies at Quilt Shop of DeLand have a great eye. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road.

I've been trying not to over think the color combinations of the actual blocks. For large parts of this quilt, I've used the 'brown bag method,' dropping the pieces in a bag and pulling them out randomly. I laid out these first nine squares to make sure I could live with the random color collections and in keeping with the theme I didn't allow myself to fuss with the order of the blocks, though I did rotate them as necessary. I wasn't sure I liked it until I took the photo to see it in better perspective. I'm very happy with how it is coming out.

I'm also addicted. These 9 blocks have grown to 24 very quickly, with 'just one more block' before work. Or walking the dog. Or bed. You get the idea.

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Brit said...

you mean, like I could make one more pair of pants before bed....no really