June 08, 2008

Puzzling It Out

All of the blocks are done, and now I have to choose the right arrangement. This I am not willing to leave up to the brown bag trick. I need to have a good balance of colors and contrasts or the whole thing will fall apart. This quilt has been too much fun to end up with a result I don't like. That and its intended as a gift. So, I have been arranging, re-arranging and then re-arranging yet again. I'm not at the point where I'm just getting fiddly and its time to take a deep breath and just go for it.

The first time I thought I might have it:

Oops, there's a decidedly light spot up there to the top right.

Second Try:

Isn't it too dark over there at the top left?

Third Try:

Uhm. Is this getting better or worse?

Okay, I'm giving myself five more minutes and then I'm labeling them and living with it.


Dallas said...

Very cool idea to use grayscale. I like the last setup - it looks pretty balanced.

Cara said...

Oh, I'm sure I read about it somewhere. It automatically seemed like the next step to me, so I doubt it was an original idea. I did end up going with that last lay out, incidentally.