December 04, 2008

Campfire Knitting

I'm a little late telling you about it, but that camping trip I keep mentioning was great.  I grew up camping 9 times a year or more.  I have great memories and great stories of the trips that weren't so great.  We don't often have a chance to camp now, and I really miss it.  So, that was my birthday request this year.  And my family came through in spades - my parents, my sister and her fiancee, her future in laws, and two of the families we camped with during my childhood.  
It was unseasonably cold, though, and we spent the nights and mornings huddled in our coats and around the fire. But, it warmed up during the day and was great. We did some hiking, and some laying in the sun with the dogs. Just look at this pack. No question who is Alpha, is there?  (Trying to count the dogs? Four.  And a husband.  And, look, they are using the picnic quilt I made!)
And when the gloves came off, I sat around the fire visiting with people I love and knitting on the Ribby Pulli.  Heaven on Earth - and some serious progress on a beautiful sweater.
The yarn is definitely not my favorite.  Its stiff, and therefore unforgiving, but more annoyingly each skein has at least one knot and most have more.  The color is beautiful, though, and I think the sweater will look good on.

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